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Barcelona Optical Illusion Museum

According to Phillip Barcio, “Optical illusion art, or Op Art for short, is an aesthetic style that intentionally exploits that oddity of human perception that gives the human eye the ability to deceive the human brain.” Op Artists endeavour to create episodes that deceive the eye, baffling viewers into seeing more than reality. In other words, Op Act makes paintings so realistic that its viewers perceive that the artwork has life. The Op Art is also known by many as 3D Art. This art has been there for centuries.

Global businesses have utilised 3D Pavement art to bring attention to their products and services, and 3D Street Artists have assisted them in creating immersive marketing events and interactions with millions of consumers. The 3D pavement art, for example, is a fantastic backdrop for a beautiful selfie, which is subsequently shared on social media and through conventional media. Looking down into an enormous chasm or having a figure appear to be standing on top of a large item are examples of Op Art. The popularity of this art may be attributed to its visually stunning, enjoyable, and participatory. The majority of Op Art can only be seen correctly through a camera or phone camera, and thus even if a person can imagine what the artwork is meant to look like with their naked eye, it is when they see the photo through their phone that it comes to life.

Barcelona Optical Illusion Art Museum allows street art lovers to live in the art. The 3D painting in the museum brings the art to life, and it is among the Catalan children’s favourite destinations. You are allowed to take pictures. The fantastic thing about this museum is that you get to be in the art. From jumping the hellfire to sitting at the washroom with Putin and Trump are amazing things to experience. Visitors pay less and are satisfied with what they saw and how art can bring joy to their hearts.

Take a little tour with us to the Barcelona Optical Illusion Art Museum by watching the video here.




By: Joachim Quainoo (a.k.a: Joainoo),

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