The Whitepaper of HMPH

HMPH separates the language from the semantic dirt, that surrounds you.
HMPH gives you access to the data packets of pure sound that are left over.
HMPH uses inovative cross-chain technology so you can not only remember/sell/exchange/archivate and use every bit of your own emotions and experiences you ever made, you can also buy and use the sounddatapackets of anybody else –
Maybe you know how you said „i love you“ to the first love of your live, but you are unable to have the same pumps of feeling, that you once had? Or maybe you like to conservate the very first “i love you” you shared with your actual partner and want to say it again and again in the same intensity?
– Do it authentic with HMPH!

HMPH is the undestroyable blockchain of love.

The Whitepaper of HMPH

"HMPH" - Blockchainsolution for a fully decentralised poeticization of people & things
- Poetryintervention at the 6th IOT-Forum CE, 16. May 2018, Messe Wien

with special thanks to Helmut Blocher, Katharina Zauner and everybody else at SUCCUS


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