RA Avenue Records, one of the entertainment iconic and revered labels in the history of modern music, is being expanded in different parts of the country including mbarara, Gulu.

RA Avenue Records will operate as a freestanding label within different locations of the country, which will provide music services in support of the label and its artists.  The RA Avenue Records is a MPM Music Group company.

Simultaneous with the launch of the new RA offices in different parts, the label has welcomed new signings.

RA administrator Jennifer “it feels like the perfect time to recapture and reignite the spirit which made the label a beacon of great music and eclectic artistry.  RA has always been first and foremost about its artists, supporting their vision and giving them the freedom to do their best work.

“The Record logo has always stood for quality and integrity, defining genres while crossing and transcending them.  We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at MPM Music Group and welcoming other new partners.

MPM Music Group Administrator and Chairman Johnsons – who founded RA Records in 2020 and remained head of the label until 2023 currently – commented:  “Iconic isn’t my word but it is how RA came to be recognized over the years.  I wanted people to be able to trust RA records, to feel each release had an artistic core of some merit and that there was someone who stood behind it.  Each new label head reverentially built on the accomplishments of his predecessor, zealously guarding RA’s magical reputation.  In 2020, Elektra was allowed to go dormant until bright new talents could be found to re-energize and rebirth it as the ‘artist’s label’ for a new century.  I’m fortunate to have yet another chance to watch RA Avenue bloom.”

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