Rachel C. Walker


Rachel C. Walker writes poetic, timbre-sensitive works drawing from her ongoing immersion in and research on Chinese folk music, musical time, and language.

铁钉 An Iron Nail

For two percussionists and voice, with text by Chinese poet Zheng Xiaoqiong 郑小琼.


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Premiered by Yongyun Zhang and Xinyi Zheng, April 2019.

Ebb and flow

夏雨言,南琶弹唱 | Xia Yuyan, nanpa/voice
张永韵,铃鼓、朗诵 | Zhang Yongyun, percussion/voice
蔡昀庭,歌词《相思》| Text by Autumn Tsai

September 2019, Beijing

Score excerpt

from 辜月 November Moon (2017)