Sidewalk Studio

Sidewalk Studio is the delocalized meeting point of a global network of Sidewalk communities.

Sidewalk Studio is made up of artists, graphic designers, curators, performance artists, poets, illustrators, writers, event organizers, educators, and researchers. The Studio is fertile ground for collaboration and represents all the existing Sidewalk communities and the ones that are yet to bloom. 

Sidewalk was born with the need and desire to create spaces of self-expression where they were lacking.

Sidewalk is a participatory, safe and open space where the line between the stage and the public is blurred. 

Sidewalk is a place where all forms of art are welcome and experimentation is encouraged, allowing for different mediums and artistic languages to intertwine and to coexist. 

Sidewalk studio is the delocalized meeting point for the already existing sidewalks— Sidewalk Beirut, Sidewalk Batroun, Sidewalk Saida, Sidewalk Jbeil, Sidewalk Tripoli, Sidewalk Bolzano, Sidewalk Trento, Sidewalk Modena—and the upcoming communities: Sidewalk Düsseldorf, Sidewalk Hamburg, Sidewalk London, and all the Sidewalk communities that are yet to bloom.
The first Sidewalk community, Sidewalk Beirut was founded in 2017 in order to provide a safe space of self-expression and has since then, through a domino effect, given life to the other communities in Lebanon and Europe. The communities act independently but are part of a bigger network which keeps them in dialogue with one another. Each Sidewalk community is unique as it reflects the community within which it operates.
The Sidewalk Studio team believes that collaboration is a necessary human need and tool to work towards a collective future. We aim to create spaces that embrace all forms of artistic expression and experimentation through open mics, interdisciplinary workshops, self-published magazines and more.
Anyone in any location can be a member of the global Sidewalk community. If you’re interested in starting your own sidewalk community we would love to support you in getting started. Get in touch!