Thought depth


Abstract Acrylic Texture Painting with sculptural painting effect.
SIZE: 50 x 60 х 2,5 cms / 19.7″ x 23.6″ x 1,0″/
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The complex structure and attraction of individual details: cracks, depressions, scratches, bends and layers, multi-layer staining and abrasions, shabby chic and metallic effects – all the wealth of beauty and imagination.
All shades of cobalt, turquoise, blue, blue, white are like the depths of our consciousness, like the waves of our thoughts. The delicate shimmer of gilding adds richness to these magnificent weaves. A weightless sensation, like fluids transmitted through the air, penetrates the soul. Deep sea or mountain trails, easy flight or hard overcoming? Or maybe these are distant worlds? The complexity and richness of the inner world of the human soul and its endless running thoughts, elusive moments and an accurate understanding of joys and misfortunes – these are all of us, these are all people! My artwork “Depth of Thought” is imbued with depth, secret meaning, which will open for each viewer with its interpretation, convey my sincere happiness and charge of positive energy and fortitude.

Depending on the lighting and location, the texture of the picture and the effects of metals may differ in your home. You will be able to notice an interesting change in the type of artwork.
This exclusive original of my hand-made painting, signed on the back, will be delivered with a signed certificate of authenticity.
Decorates and makes unique the interior of the house, apartment, office, loft and attic.
My paintings are full of depth, secret meaning and sincere happiness, and a piece of this may be in your home.
Technique: Acrylic on eco MDF panel
Material: Panel fixed on wooden frame.
Ready to hang. Sides are painted.
Colors: high luminosity, without fading, non-toxic
Packaging: Cardboard box or wooden box, stable and safe.
Note: The images in context are not to scale and are for display purposes only.

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