Who Is Promoter Rafael ?

Ayesiga Steven Rafael better known as Promoter Rafael is a Ugandan music promoter, music distributor and entrepreneur (born February 15, 1994). In 2020, he started working with Eno Beats a music producer based in Makindye, Kampala. Rafael got popularly known over frequent mentions from big Ugandan musicians such as Maro Uganda, Zulitums, Record Elah Butida, Jowy Landa, Gen Mega Dee, Shakira Shakiraa, Diamond Oscar, Brian Avie, Blackskin Mwalimu as see in at interview on blog site Music in Africa for making their songs hit chats in Uganda and wining awards[1]

Rafael made hits like ANJAGALA by Maro Uganda, Oluvannyuma by ZULITUMS, Nali Wandanga by Gen Mega Dee etc

In 2020 Rafael was recognized as an Internet Entrepreneur after winning an award in the sector of Digital Music Distribution

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Art, Magazine, wendy.network