Pichla 31, 8344 Kapfenstein

The studio "Atelier Algorythmics" dedicated to the design and implementation of media art installation, especially automated sculptures, music and computer networking projects within and outside the I

Listening carefully ..

Binaurauler Abhörplatz in gefälliger Umgebung, privates 3D Hören

listening is a private action, somehow the environment should not matter...


Grubenbrand für Keramik und Osterfeuer und Rehbraten

Tradition des Grubenbrands von Keramik und Rehbraten, Südoststeiermark 2021

Public Address System - PA für ein "Wald- und Wiesenstudio"

in some how not so public situation with autonomous low power high efficiency: flat panel - baffle vs. folded horn - scoop loudspeaker.

Listening carefully and relaxed.