Ismail Odetola

15 Olumo street Onike Yaba Lagos Nigeria

City in the village

In most rural places, being young or a woman makes you more likely to be at a disadvantage in terms of education and other economic opportunities. Rural youth in the world face specific challenges. They are often under-employed or employed in low productivity sectors

The vision of this portrait is to picture how technology will improve the most forgotten places in the world

Broken reality

Isn’t it all over their faces everywhere you go what people are going through that they can’t tell or share with anyone Yet Life is not just about what can be seen but what can be felt irrationally and poetically?

We moved through life observing each new moment with a consciousness made up of infinite impression, distortion.

Man Position

Where and what is the position of man in the world today, to remain where he is, to go back to nature or keep looking into the uncertain future? This is the irony of the modern world, the reality of today.

Two men in an iron Jeri can backing on another one facing nature and the other facing world

Planet patching

The problems in the world today is endless, and human is still clueless about how and when these problems began, as a young artist I keep wondering what will be left for my generation and the ones to come after.

I use a newspaper as the background for this work because of its universality, while I paste a red and black tape

Alone together

Even in this time of distancing ourselves socially, the memories of our loves keep us alive, knowing they are keeping themselves safe and sound for us to meet again. The work was created to show a connection that is not visible but present in all of us in the coronavirus pandemic time.

The colors and probes are intended and projected to give a sense of intimacy and distance at the same time.