For the last few years, we’ve been hosting journalism fellowships for curators with the support of the Emily H. Tremaine Foundation. From the important work of Laura Raicovich on the culture of museums to Rea McNamara’s investigations of art and feminisms online, we’re proud of the work we’ve produced in collaboration with our fellows.

This time we’ve decided to do something different, particularly in light of the pandemic restrictions still in place in most of the world. We know curators are finding it hard to find the resources to do their own work, so we’re inviting curators to submit short proposals for projects they are currently working on for a $5,000 grant that will.

Calling All Curators! Hyperallergic Is Offering Five Journalism Fellowships for Curators

Deadline: 30/06/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Etc/GMT+12)

Artist in Residence, Call for Artists, Magazine, Opportunities,
Apply until 22/08/2021

Call for Artists, Competition, Opportunities, Prizes and Awards
Apply until 31/03/2021

Artist in Residence, Konjungate, Konjungate, Magazine, Opportunities,
Apply until 31/01/2021