RADICAL EMPATHY: Roundtable Discussion

wendy.network, in collaboration with Jardins Efémeros, are hosting a roundtable discussion about how radical empathy can be a framework used in the arts to leverage the world's reopening post-pandemic

The Role of Radical Empathy in the Art World

On July 9 at 3pm GMT+1/4pm CEST, the wendy.network, a global platform showcasing contemporary artists, in collaboration with Jardins Efémeros, is hosting a roundtable discussion about the role of radical empathy in the arts. We invite you to join us in discussing radical empathy as a method, as well as the role which radical empathy plays or can play in your artistic process. wendy.network is excited to welcome you to an open discussion full of stimulating conversations! Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

The discussion will take place in collaboration with wendy.networks Radical Empathy exhibition at Jardins Efémeros, in which the artworks of Katarína Zagorski, Feng Jiang 江峰, and Michael Jordan, the winners of our open call on the topic of radical empathy, will be projected.

You don’t have to have your video on – we are glad just to have you attend in any way that suits you. If you have been seeking the opportunity to connect and socialize in these times of physical and social distance, this event is the opportunity to do just that!

To let us now you are coming, please register by booking a free attendance ticket via: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/radical-empathy-in-the-arts-roundtable-discussion-tickets-158303727711

To join, simply click this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81216122751

See you there!

Art, Interview, Magazine, wendy.network

Art, Magazine, wendy.network