wendy.networks 3rd Virtual Quarterly Meet-Up Event Recap!

wendy.networks 3rd Virtual Quarterly Meet-Up Event Recap!

by Amirah Aziz

On Monday the 26th of April, wendy.network held our 3rd quarterly meet up and was delighted to share an evening with fellow artists, developers and guest speakers. To shake things up and be more interactive we used a new platform called Gathertown. This is an interactive video conferencing tool  with the ability to move around and interact with other participants based on your locations in the room, just like in real life. Thanks to everyone who showed up what an inspirational atmosphere we created virtually! 


The event was hosted by wendy.network team member, Diana Shepherd, who gave us a brilliant introduction about the platform and our current projects. Michael Mastrototaro, the founder of KONJUNGATE – The Art Based Blockchain and wendy.network, updated us on what the future holds for our community of creatives. His conversation along with some of the wendy.network developers continued in the developers breakout room which talked details about the technology behind the project. The conversation reminded us that the wendy.network is a decentralized platform which is a solution to the problem of ownership. The main themes that emerged were the emphasis on investing in new technologies for the arts. In the long run this will benefit everyone because art is the creation of new and through our creativity we can come up with technological solutions. 


Benjamin was our guest speaker and allowed us into his latest project ‘sages’. This project will focus on the beauty of lost cultures while he backpacks through the 195 countries of the United Nations. 


My projects involve collecting images and elements over long periods of time. These elements are often familiar yet reimagined and repurposed in a way that brings on new meanings and new connections to what we understand about the world. I view the collection of these materials as their own unique journeys. Once I have gone out into the world and amassed enough materials, I return home and allow the individual elements to dictate how they will be combined into the final works of art.”


After Benjamin’s inspiring  speech, the participants made their way to breakout rooms, including the exhibition room where we could take a closer look at his work and ask questions about the journey. In the exhibition room, we got to hear great stories about the individuals he met along the way and how he is now supporting non profit organizations to share their messages and their traditions around the world. He made it possible to record, remember and never forget the power of these ancient cultures by sharing the images across the world. 


If you had the chance to join the open mic room, which was hosted by our very own Adriana Gimp and her project ‘Sidewalk Studios’ you would be virtually walking into a warm ambience where people were sharing their art through poetry and music. Through the open mic nights and interdisciplinary workshops ‘Sidewalk Studios’ provides a safe space for self expression. The powerful words shared from the many poems of the evening were the grounding point of creating such a community feeling in this room, we can’t wait to see more!


The RMD (Resources Mobilization Digithon) room was supporting our collaboration with the team in Tunisia whose mission is to create a platform for investors to connect with creative and cultural industry participants. Over a 24 hour time period they will create a space for conversations about funding. They are supported by the Culture Funding Watch who are committed to act in favor of sustainable, transparent and smart creative and cultural Industries’ financing in MENA & African regions. 


The concept aims at promoting the culture of listening and changing the perception of Cultural Creatives supporters from just money giver to financial partners whom we need to understand strategies and goals. The concept is a reversed speed dating format where the art financiers will be presenting their grant making schemes to creatives.”


To top it all off we had our own DJ Lucas Zach on deck in our party room which was the icing on the cake of a sweet, informative evening. We danced away to his smooth grooves and everyone had the chance to split into different conversations and share their thoughts about the evening. Overall it was a success and we look forward to seeing you all at the next one! 

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Art, Magazine, wendy.network