Call for Artists: Critical Queer Solidarity - Queer Cinema in the Mountains (Austria)


The Queer Cinema in the Mountains youth exchange will take place 13-19 January 2022 in Bad Ischl (Austria) and bring together 28 young queer people living in Germany, Greece, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands to discuss, curate and create queer cinema.

The stories that queer people and especially queer BIPoC see on screen are often very limited. It‘s rare to feel represented by identities and narratives in films. This means we need to go deeper and deeper into a niche – intersectional queer cinema – that can be hard to navigate. And maybe we just need to tell our own stories and amplify our voices?

This is why this project invites you to a week of queer empowerment, storytelling and filmmaking workshops, curation workshops, collective watching of (short) films by young queer filmmakers and discussions about them. Queer filmmakers and curators will lead workshops in the project that will enable you to use film as a means to tell your own stories or as a form of community building. And you will be in the Austrian Alps, enjoying some fresh air and possibly snow!

Applicants must be living in Germany, Austria, Greece, Poland or the Netherlands and be between 18 and 30.

The project will take place in simple living conditions, with rooms shared between up to 6 people. There is no participation fee and the project will include accommodation, travel costs up to 275 EUR and three free meals a day. This project is funded by the European Commission through the programme Erasmus+.


How to Apply

To participate fill in the application form here:

Deadline: 09/12/2021 12:00 am (Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam)

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