Angelica Lanza


Contemporary art curator and avid music lover.
I strongly believe in the power of art as a medium of reflection, change and inclusiveness.

My Curatorial Projects


A multi-disciplinary participatory exhibition investigating themes related to the role of the individual within society, the significance of solitude and the value of contemplative life. The project is inspired by the land of Siberia, a space of extremeness, wilderness and utopia.


Born in 2018, Berlin, Germany - DeepnosiS is an underground record label dedicated to minimal deep electronic music. The project supports music produced with analogue machines and is released on vinyl only. You can find out more here:

Label Your Music

– Lomography for your records –

Combining my passion for photography and electronic music, I started the “Label Your Music” project creating artworks for vinyl and digital music releases shot with an analogue Lomography camera on 20 mm film.

Street Art for All

Since 2010, I have been gathering photographs and insights of artworks, artists, and street art related paths from various locations worldwide.
Instagram: @streetartforall

website currently being renewed ;)

Teufelberg, Berlin, Germany

"Space & Matter"

solo-exhibition by Canadian visual artist Atticus Gordon working on the concept of "Expanded Painting".
The works will be on view at SomoS Art House, Berlin in November 2021.

Installation view


Artist in Residence, Opportunities
Apply until 15/11/2021