suresh babu maddilety

Hyderabad, India

I consider myself a visual scientist who looks into the visual manifestations that one element, the atom, takes.

artist statement

I am a loner by nature. Therefore, looking deeply into the nature of things, abstracting it from everyday connotations comes naturally to me. I abstract forms and colours from everyday life and see in them cosmic connotations.

My work investigates the very nature of things that constitutes the world around us. I consider myself a visual scientist and philosopher who looks into the visual manifestations that one element, the atom (the atom possesses unlimited qualities) which is induced with reason, logic. The interest in art, science and philosophy can be attributed to the influence of my father, who was a signboard artist and a rationalist who encouraged me to develop my painting skills and to be inquisitive about science and philosophy.

Whatever exists that has past and future those interact with each other. One of the guiding theories for my art is Roger Penrose’s theory of ‘Conformal Cyclic Cosmology’ according to which the universe iterates through infinite cycles, each starting from its own “big bang” and finally coming to a stage of accelerated expansion that continues indefinitely. Even me, being part of this universe’s infinite cycles. In this sense, I too was born as a unique cell of conscious matter, continually transformed by previous universes and the different forms that may have constituted my materiality. Therefore, within this cyclic narrative, I too have existed since the start of the cosmos, my body having this vast history embedded within it.

Until now, the universe cycled trillion and trillion times or limitless times. I believe that the memories and knowledge of past societies of life forms, my form and substances of every past universe are captured in the universe’s matter, coming to co-exist in the present. These memories are not stagnant but fluid, moving through space in the form of waves. These waves carry the memory of past incidents causing individuals to get random thoughts and ideas. My works, try to unconsciously tap into this knowledge and manifest the intangible in a tangible material form.

So, the Past universes’ belonging somewhat be here in my work. My art is imagining the truth, if not; it remains a beautiful theory of art or illusions of my mind. I feel an experimental practice, spanning different media, and retaining an element of the mysterious is best suited to capturing the infinite possibilities of the universe. My art ideas fly to the future universes, perhaps those will be caught by another artist in the future universes. So, my work stands not only for this universe but every universe. Thus, from the beginning of the cosmos to the end of time, I will wander.

So, extendedness is my art. Because I am unconsciously influenced by this existing world with a single idea, but it lets me leads to create unlimited ideas for creating a concentrated single work. That reflects the whole thing again. Even, my oeuvre partially ends, which creates influence or gets to reality. So, my oeuvre is endless. Extendedness is involved in participating with nature. According to Heraclitus philosopher, there is no static Being and change is the rule of the universe, only change does not change in this nature. With a perception of change, I try to intervene in change to things that go my way in nature. I changed by nature, I change nature.

My childhood days’ sky motivated me, now space which is the witness of every incident of the cosmos. Even I would like to create some memorable incidents in it. This extend is an idea that comes from a book on the science of the cyclic universe in Telugu that I had read.

1. Microscopicism

Here is the creating character of art the one 1. Microscopicism: In our universe depends on our capability we could see some material, but some material could not. Those are atoms, particles and the constituents of atoms – protons, neutrons, electrons, even protons and neutrons are made up of more elementary particles, called quarks etc. From biology… cells, DNA, Bacteria, virus and so on. Scientists deal these things conceptually to know truths why not artist deal with these things conceptually to do visual art, as to make fun, predict new things, questioning, asking, presenting, make solutions, and play with them and so on as such, so for its character this much only but in future, it would enhance by these, just I am triggering the starting point. Those created artworks I named it Microscopicism.
Now I am doing a few examples of work for Microscopicism in-text art. Our eyes are different qualities. They work up to some limit as macro and micro due to that we enjoy both ways in nature, science should enhance this limit by making biological evolve to see these things directly with our eyes. To watch minute objects directly by our naked eyes. Yes, my desire is if we could see directly the atom with our naked eyes that experience is different. My mediate art proposes new eyesight for art and science. If that happens, from then on, we could see in nature, photosynthesis, our cells, how the god practical create mass, all those things would become touring spots and our creation of artworks at another level means manipulating particles physically with visuality is another entity in art, yes our future’s artist would do that. The Microscopicism character of art will be streamed in future art. Now we could do this character of art only with conceptually.




2. Universe constructivism

I have just imagined that we could play with the form of our universe (sphere) and with its whole substance physically. I only give little triggering thought to how to build all the substance of the universe to express our ideas for art, no more than that. I have done randomly two example works which considered as dummy works. In that conceptual place, future artists will express their artistic ideas, whatever they want by manipulating the universe physical form.

Here, I used galaxy as a brick I used all the galaxies of this universe to build off the house, it is titled ‘Universe constructivism 01’. I guess, in future life forms will build this and use galaxies as a medium for art. It is not possible at present physically. It challenges our brain to imagine. It should be supported by science invents to control all universe. The future artist would create works with future marvel technology. It is very thrilling for me that I changed universal’s sphere form to the house or landscape. Thus, here scope for artists to express their ideas change universal’s sphere form to other forms. I am just giving a bit of advice for the future artists if they control the singularity which transforms into the intention universe form. With my art adventure, now only I created the foundation for that adventure after that Universe constructivism gets a character with that more experiments will happen in the future. Through this ism, I am proposing a gigantic visuality for this universe.

The interesting thing for me is that the form of the landscape stays in the little place somewhere within the universe. Here, the inner form is external, that is to say, the form of a house and the landscape becomes a universe. So now, if the outer spherical form of the universe enters into the interior, then how might it transform? Think about what this is going to be! That is quite interesting. The huge house is here where if I want to see every corner house I should be live billion years. All seas, trees, life forms and stars are in the house alone.


3. Organic photography

title: Organic photography 01 size: 20x26 year: 2020

I carry a metaphor of investigative science. Aim of here is a theory, with psychology, I show here a photographic image is not the end of the work, but through that photographic image, creating the same photographic image in the viewer dream.

The viewer unconscious incorporates my photographic image in the viewer dream. We make the viewer feel well the photographic image in reality when it watched for a longer time. This image is scary. Psychology says if we are scared of anything that comes in our dreams. It is an experimental artwork. When the viewer sleeps at experiment time, the influence of the photographic image triggers his unconscious to dream a story, in that dream, his unconscious mind incorporates my photographic image in the dream. That is the end of my artwork. So I wanted to propose the unconscious mind as the camera which takes my image and print on the dream as bromide, so this is my proposed style of photography, we can do any medium like this. This work of art not created by the unconscious, but unconscious itself creates the artwork. It is against the process of surrealism.

Of course, it is only a process. It may or may not get into reality now, but it is possible in the coming days. It is an idea for my artistic creation for future artists;

I don’t own any of the images, but those images all are dummy, their places occupied by future artists images. I have taken them from the internet, Flicker, and other sources.

4. Found the space for art


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the drawing inside the rock

It is a video work; I have done in Blender 3d software, just now I am learning this. It is not done as animation in Blender 3d software, but while I do work capturing the screen is maybe my fashion of work in-between software.

I have used the space in the rock to draw. The drawing is not significant, just I want to show the example to fill the space, not more than that. In the ad agency, they do dummy artworks for that they use dummy images and for the text, they use to put xxxxxx means copy texts do come there, so my drawing is as the xxxxxxxx.

I desired to use space in the rock for several years, now it happened. Artists want to utilize a different space for their art in nature. Christo used space of the outer layer of objects in nature I found space inside the objects, but I do work with this concept conceptually not the physical way, now we don’t have that much technology for this art. The future artist might generate artworks use the space of inside the mountains, human body, atoms, moon and sun… for their concepts. We can’t experience these works with eyes, maybe with sensors like things in the future. Now, it is multidisciplinary work, has drawing and video disciplines. At present, my only one example work is a video which remains in between practicable and impracticable. This video work is the first and last work for this concept. I could do more works for this concept but my mind does not accept.




5. creating new influences

title: Bio art satellite medium: new media year: 2020 size: 8"x29"

With Possible of prediction, I proposed the Bio art satellite conceptually. It might be captures completed art ideas in the universe from our earth. Bio art satellite helps found other art ideas those ideas influence us to create new art ideas.
Bio art satellite is made by in blender 3Dsoftware. I am showing this work images with different angles. With my mental imagery, I have built with one billion brains with flesh. The Brains appear to limit, but those overlapped. This Bio art satellite aims to discover the artistic ideas of this cosmos instead of human art. It means what we are doing art on our planet as exactly in outer space life forms or aliens can produce artworks in their place. Those aliens’ ideas, this Bio art satellite could find out the only end of the creation of tangible ideas. Then our art history would become universe art history. In the future, we not only influenced by our art but also whole universe art. After that, our ideas get new dimensions. Find out the other individual ideas is my individuality.
The matter of the brain does not know what we imagine. Both programs are the different brain and its substance. If we combine both programs into one, we should sense other art information in this universe. It is installed in the earth, not in the sky. It has life and only one sense of imagination of reality.

6. Pronouncism


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title: Pronouncism 01- 01 medium: video year; 2020

My pronunciation abstract text art comes from beyond the text art. The pronunciation defined as how you say a word is my definition. I randomly typed letters in my mother tang in Telugu on the keypad, of course, it is meaningless. When I put that text in the Google translation app, one option is there which by the voice of the audio of the pronunciation button, it is pronounced my text with the voice of audio. The Pronouncism is very interesting to me, in the future, it has a chance, it could be manipulatable and through which creates artworks. It is now multidisciplinary work, has audio, video and text disciplines. It is my only first and last work.